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On March 22nd and 23rd, 2021, we held our fourth online Transnational Project  Meeting to continue advancing our European ZERO COERCION project in mental health, implemented within the ERASMUS + Program.  In this meeting, we reviewed the project’s status, checking the technical planning, seeing that the progress of the project is adequate. The training materials were reviewed and are in the process of being translated into the respective national languages.  Each partner then trained the other partners’ trainers by presenting the designed experiential training activities (DETAs), and… Read More »Newsletter

Zero Coercion Third Meeting

Zero Coercion – 3rd Meeting

This week the third meeting of the Zero Coercion project took place in which, due to the health emergency situation caused by Covid-19, it was held online throughout January 11 and 12, with the presence of all the professionals that make up the project. In the meeting, a brief presentation of the training materials that have been prepared by each of the partners was made, to assess the latest improvements and consider starting with translations into all languages. In addition… Read More »Zero Coercion – 3rd Meeting


During the last months, the members of the consortium have been working to achieve a complete and quality training materials. At the moment we are conducting a review of the DETAS, which finally consist of:  DETA 1: KNOW ME AND KNOW MY SUPPORTS  DETA 2: HOW TO POWER ME AND MY SUPPORTS?  DETA 3: CO CREATING MY COMFORT SPACE  DETA 4: BE PROACTIVE: DESCALING IN MY HOUSE  DETA 5: CHECK MYSELF: DEBRIFING AT HOME  DETA 6: PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL WELLNESS AT HOME  DETA 7:… Read More »CREATING TRAINING MATERIALS


As of September 30, we end all co-creation sessions carried out by each of the consortium partners. The format of the sessions was modified due to the limitations derived from the health alert situation due to Covid-19. However, the main criteria were maintained, such as the number of participants (professionals, people with schizophrenia and support figures), who participated in the sessions following the hygiene and safety measures established by the competent authorities.


In June 4, 2020, the second transnational meeting of the Zero Coercion project took place. Due to the situation caused by Covid-19, it was carried out online with all the professionals who are members of the project in order to review and close the methodological guide, in addition to assigning different tasks and responsibilities to prepare the training materials. A deadline was established in which each entity would carry out its co-creation session and objectives were set to continue with… Read More »ZERO COERCION 2ND ONLINE TRANSNATIONAL MEETING

Zero Coercion Kick-off Meeting in Valencia

On November 14 and 15, 2019 professionals with own experience in mental health, enjoyed the first kick-off meeting of the Zero Coercion project of the European Erasmus + program at the SASM Foundation in Sueca (Valencia, Spain). Among other contents, we worked on the rights of people with mental illness and good practices in relation to this matter. The professionals, members of the consortium that make up the project, set in motion the main lines to be developed in order… Read More »Zero Coercion Kick-off Meeting in Valencia